Fairfields Orchard is also the place to get Fairfields famous farm fresh Strawberries. We sell our own strawberries from the packing shed – the only place you can get them! Our strawberries are grown on our farm and because we only sell them in the shop, we only pick them when they are ripe and ready to be eaten. As we don’t have to factor transit time to get them to markets, this means we allow our strawberries to ripen to a deep red colour. This ensures they are super sweet, juicy and aromatic – like you remember strawberries ‘used to be.’ Visit the Fairfields Orchard Shop during harvest and you’ll smell the strawberries throughout the shed.

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Since 2012, Fairfields Orchard is not only the home of fresh cherries and strawberries, but also figs. Our figs ripen just in time for Christmas and are available to order in late December through to February. You can buy figs from the Fairfields Orchard and from our wholesalers and retailers during December and January. 

Our cherries are all grown on our farm for the export and Australian domestic markets. Some of our best fruit is exported all over the world and it is also available direct to the public at the Fairfields Orchard Shop. While our fruit is grown to the most stringent of export market standards, we also sell domestically with our cherries supplied to restaurants, grocers and supermarkets.

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After our fruit is picked, it is hydrocooled with refrigerated water to get the fruit down to a low temperature as soon as possible to maintain maximum shelf life and freshness. After testing to ensure fruit temperature has fallen sufficiently, the fruit is graded for size, colour and hardness to remove any low quality fruit to ensure the optimum product is then available for sale. The fruit is then dispatched via refrigerated trucks for sale. The whole process from picking to retailer is efficient and fast to ensure the fruit arrives at its’ destination in top condition and peak freshness.

In 2013, Fairfields Orchard was proud to see the installation of a GP Graders ‘Airjet’ electronic grader at the Fairfields Packing Shed. The first grader of its type to be delivered to New South Wales, this machine electronically grades cherries. The Airjet machine provides: “Perfect Colour Separation, Perfect Sizing and Perfect Quality.’ This is simply the best grading technology in the world and was developed in Australia by GP Graders. See for more information on their world leading ‘Airjet’ cherry grading technology The installation of the new grader was the first step on a significant upgrade at the Fairfields Orchard packing shed, which now includes new refrigerated water supply, filtration and hydrocooling, new cool rooms and new fruit handling and storage techniques.

Fairfields Orchard is “Freshcare’ certified
Freshcare Food Safety & Quality

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