off farm accomodation

Off farm facilities are available in Young with various accomodation available in town. See for more information. Employees staying off farm are required to arrange their own transport to work.

on farm accomodation

Camping facilities are available on farm at Fairfields. Camping facilities include a basic kitchen and amenities with laundry. There are some powered caravan/tent/van sites available with non-powered sites also available. All employees seeking accommodation at camping facilities must apply to management prior to entering grounds and agree to Camp rules and regulations. Employees should note that the property/camping facilities are located 10kms from Young and transport will be necessary between Young and property as required. Cost of accommodation: $50 per week per person. 

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employment accomodation

Accommodation is available on farm at Fairfields by application to management or there are various forms of accommodation off farm.

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Cherry Picking

Cherry picking involves picking fruit from trees into picking buckets that weight approximately 8kgs when full. Cherry picking work is piecework with payment made per “water level” full lug. A lug holds approximately 15kg of fruit when full.

New pickers are shown an induction demonstrating how to successfully pick cherries. Care must be done with care to ensure trees are not damaged. It can take a few days to successfully develop picking skills with experienced pickers being able to pick over 20 lugs in a day.

Picking work is outside so it is recommended that pickers bring: - Suitable attire including: long sleeve shirt, long pants/trousers, closed-toe, non-slip footwear, broad brim hat and sunglasses, sunscreen and food and drink including plenty of water.

A picking bucket will also be required for picking, which can be provided by management to employees for a refundable deposit payment. Deposit payment is refundable at conclusion of season when bucket is returned.

Picking is available most days during the season, weather dependent (we don’t work in the rain). We seek to provide work 7 days a week although this does depend on fruit ripening. From peak season there is generally work available 7 days a week with the picking day generally starting at 6:00am and finishing by 3:00pm. 


Each year there are a number of jobs available picking and packing fruit. The season runs from Early-Mid November to late December.

If you are interested in applying for a job picking cherries or sorting and packing fruit, please complete the online application form located below. Applications open from August each year. If you are travelling with companions, they will need to fill out separate application forms.

Once we receive your application we will send you further details about wages and starting dates. Successful applicants will then be sent the link to employment forms required to start work as well as our induction training which all employees need to complete. 

Australian Citizens must provide a copy of valid photo identification such as a passport or Driver’s License.

We are Second Year Visa compliant and all paperwork for this is now completed online.

Visa Holders must provide identification documents including valid photo identification such as your Passport, valid work Visa and a Tax File Number from the Australian Taxation Office.