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Packing shed sales

When you enter the Fairfields Orchard packhouse shop, fresh cherries and strawberries are only the beginning... Our cherries and strawberries are supplemented by a range of local produce including stone fruit,  local honey and our homemade pies, ice cream, frozen yoghurt and jams. Stonefruit is available seasonally with apricots starting in December. Ask regarding availability. We sell local honey, sourced from bees on our own and other local properties. Our Fairfields Orchard jams and pies are all hand made. No artificial colours or flavours – just fruit, sugar and pectin. We have strawberry, cherry, apricot, plum and fig jams available throughout the year with others available seasonally. Our jams are also available at our Farmhouse Direct online shop: http://www.farmhousedirect.com.au/maggadallacherries Our pies sold at the Fairfields Orchard Shop are made in house and we make cherry, strawberry and apple pies with other specialty pies made throughout the season. Availability does vary seasonally and they go fast. The shop is open 8am – 5pm seven days a week during harvest. Early November to Late December

Buy Our Cherries

Fairfields Orchard is the home of our famous export cherries. Our cherries have exported all over the world. Each season, you can buy our fresh, quality cherries direct from our orchard.

Online sales available to New South Wales, Victoria and metropolitan Queensland. Apologies, but unable to ship to regional Queensland.

You can also order our farm fresh Fairfields Orchard Figs from the orchard and our merchants from December.