eastlake's family tree


Dormant trees makes way for a see of white flowers

a family orchard

Fairfields has been owned by the Eastlake family since 1862. When the farm was to be sold in 2008, Tom  Eastlake purchased it from his grandparents to continue the Eastlake family legacy...

family owned since 1862

fruit sizing

Cherries change colour from green to yellow, then orange before...


Our beautiful, sweet juicy cherries are ready for harvest and packing.

our story

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home of 'fairfields' and 'maggadalla' orchards

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Young, New South Wales, isn't just home to the National Cherry Festival, it is also home to Fairfields Orchard.
You can visit our packhouse each day during harvest to buy the freshest Australian cherries, figs and strawberries direct as well as our own range of seasonal produce, jams and cherry pies.

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Visit our 'Buy Our Fruit' page to find out where to find Eastlake's fresh Australian grown cherries, strawberries and figs.

shuck fall

As the blossom falls from the tree, we get the first glimpse of our cherries.